What amazing books these are!!!  I can't wait to share them with my students!  Transformational, indeed!

The kids enjoyed the story of Twilla and the Bee.  It made them laugh, and they learned something too.

The third book sounds great and I would love to buy one when it is ready.  I can feel your love in these words and drawings!

Linda Macintype - Teacher

   I have to tell you that the strangest thing happened over the weekend. Joe was having a shower and when he got out and dried off I noticed that there was a huge bumblebee sitting on top of my hairbrush on the shelf above the sink. I couldn't believe it. The kids were freaked out and I told them to say "I'm sorry I love you" and then we took the brush (with the bee) out to the yard and left it on the BBQ.
It was the strangest thing.

Hope you are well.



   I read my Twilla and the Bumble Bee ebook last night and believe it should make top seller in children's books and if it doesn't someone needs their head examined. Twilla's experience of turning fear into love is a story I can't wait to read to my granddaughter and with luck the hard back will arrive in time for her next visit.

I'm looking forward to the next in the series.

   Great job Joni ♥



   This is a very inspirational book for all ages. It has taught me as an adult that anyone can over come their fear and literally turn it into Love. Perfect title for real life lessons. I am sharing this childs series with all ages! Besides being well wrote with  fantastic lessons, it is very uplifting as well. I highly recommend it for all ages and readers period.

   Donna Green


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